About us

The company CARNIOLA d.o. was founded in 2007.

Our main activity is to build residential, commercial and industrial facilities using our TVD system that allows faster and better construction, durability and stability of buildings.

Our mission is to find the best way to provide a complete service of constructing a building from the project to the so-called. "Key-in-hand" stage.
We perform all types of construction work, including project development, construction of foundations, walls and ceilings, then the installation of all types of internal installations (electricity, water, gas, sewage) and finishing works (roofs, facades, floors, wood carpentry) and others.

Our vision is to become a leading brand in the domestic and foreign markets in constructing of all types residental, commercial and industrial facilities.

Abbreviation: CARNIOLA d.o.o.
Full title CARNIOLA real estate
Type: A limited liability company
Date of establishment: 05.04.2007.
Company registration number (MBS): 02236419
OIB: 36760052240
Street address and number: Zagrebačka 14
The settlement, ZIP code and city: Gračec, HR-10370 Dugo Selo
County: Zagreb
Core capital and its origin: 20000,00 kn (100% Domestic capital paid in full)
Members of the Board: Boža Andreić, Roza Andreić
IBAN and bank: HR8324020061100498163 - Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.